Thursday, June 02, 2005

Short Thoughts for Thursday

The Contender’s Failure

Did “The Contender” fail because people just don’t like boxing or was it because people do not like reality shows where it’s difficult to make fun of the contestants?

Or perhaps I am just an idiot who has no taste and likes bad reality shows? I do not doubt that I have bad taste in television shows, but most people who actually gave the show a shot enjoyed it. It is unfortunate that in order to placate advertisers, networks are much less likely to give a show an opportunity to grow an audience.

The movie of the same name was on TV last night. I saw it once and have to say it was one of the worst movies ever made. Lamest scene: Joan Allen's father is playing tennis with his grandson. The grandfather asks him how backspin is caused. Grandson responds by saying "Jesus" creates backspin. Grandfather goes apeshit about church and state. You cannot help but laugh at the randomness of this scene. Man, I could write a whole post about that stupid movie.

The Coming NBA Lockout

A lockout would be very damaging to the popularity of the NBA, but the league is popular enough both in this country and abroad to survive a work stoppage.

The same obviously could not be said for NHL which risks losing all national television exposure after just being dumped by ESPN. Ice hockey will never be able to break into the top three sports, nor will it ever be secure as the nation’s fourth sport since so few Americans actually have played the sports themselves. This disconnect will always hurt the sport.

I feel that a lockout may be inevitable for the NBA. The players feel that they gave up a lot last time around and the owners are demanding contract length restrictions and other cuts in benefits from the highest paid players in American sports.

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