Monday, June 06, 2005

One More Controversial JohnnyBlog Pondering, Sorry

I think there are a lot of good reasons to question whether or not going into Iraq was a good thing to do or not. What I do not understand, however, is why people act as if all these terrorist attacks, beheadings and the like are all America’s fault. Certainly the attacks may not have been happening in Iraq should the country still be under the iron-fist of Saddam (although I bet that some of the foreign terrorist energy would have been directed at other targets instead) but that does not mean that the blame for the attacks should be placed anywhere else than at the feet of the terrorists actually committing these atrocities.

This may seem strange, but think about it, intent and personal responsibility should be what matters.

Is it all right for a woman to be blamed for being raped if she put herself in a dangerous neighborhood and wore questionable clothing? No, although her actions may have been unwise, we always blame the actual rapist committing the act.

If someone delays you from leaving work and then you are t-boned by a reckless driver because you were there at the very second, would you blame the guy who just wanted to spend a few extra moments chatting with you?

Now I am exaggerating the comparison a little, but American intentions were not to trigger massive terror attacks but rather to do something positive for the country it invaded. Certainly the terror attacks would be less likely to occur if we had not gone into Iraq two years ago, but the people responsible are those actually committing the deliberate slaughter of innocents.

I am not saying that it is morally wrong to oppose this war, think it was a mistake or criticize some of our excesses in prosecuting it. Nevertheless, there should be no question that anger over the funeral bombings, the marketplace bombings, etc. should be aimed squarely at the cowards planning and financing this mass-murder, not at the soldiers and the leadership trying to prevent it.

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