Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Lou Costanza

Is it just me or does Lou Pinella seem to be acting like George in the Seinfeld episode where he was trying to get fired by the Yankees in order to get a better job with the Mets? (For those who have not been following the story, the D-Rays manager keeps on blasting the stingy Tampa Bay ownership for not providing him with enough talent to win.) More on the story here.

Costanza dragged old Yankee trophies from the back of his car while he drove, ate strawberries while he wore Babe Ruth’s old uniform and said outrageous things to Yankee employees. The result? Steinbrenner calls George into his office to laud him for his efforts to forget the past and look towards the future. In a similar fashion perhaps Pinella will end up with a raise, but I think Sweet Lou would rather be released from his contract so he can manage a team more likely to contend.

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