Monday, June 13, 2005

JohnnyBlog's Manic Monday Quickies

Cinderella Man Excels

I saw Cinderella Man on Saturday and it was a wonderful experience. The movie tugged at the heart strings just enough to affect you, but not too much as to make the whole plot seem contrived and corny. The film was fast-paced and the boxing choreography was top-notch. Russell Crowe was amazing as Jim Braddock and he overcame an obnoxious performance by Renee Zellweger.

Seriously, you would be throwing cell phones at everyone in sight if you had had to work with such a grating actress. The fact that Russell Crow limited his rage to a snooty hotel clerk is a testament to the man’s restraint. In the end, though, I heartily recommend the movie as it outshines most of the half-hearted efforts the studios have thrown out to the viewing public recently.

Macintel Concerns

My main concern with Apple Computer’s transition to Intel x86 based chips from IBM/Freescale’s PowerPC based chips is that Apple will throw us PowerPC owners under the bus. Certainly the operating system can easily be maintained on the PowerPC platform and it will be easy for third party developers to continue dual-platform development.

However, companies are often happy to shave the most miniscule cost savings if they think it will benefit their bottom line in the slightest. The only thing keeping Apple from abandoning old PowerPC owners is the revenue they generate from their operating system upgrades. Perhaps this is not enough. Apple will need to have a firmer guarantee on PowerPC support should they expect to sell anymore PowerPC machines during the two year transition phase.

Drop in Triple Crown Interest

The Belmont, the third jewel in horse racing’s Triple Crown, had a significant decrease in interest both on TV and in the stands down in New York City. This is obviously due to the fact that last year, Smarty Jones had a chance for the Triple Crown going into the Belmont. Contrast last year’s situation with this year’s where the best racing fans could hope for was a horse taking two of three races. Obviously, interest will be done. However the results of the Belmont confirm that Afleet Alex was a special horse well capable of winning the Triple Crown for the first time since Seattle Slew did it in the 1970s. Afleet Alex’s close third place finish in the Kentucky Derby could have easily been a win for him and his jockey.

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