Thursday, June 09, 2005

The JohnnyBlog's HBO Review

I have tomorrow off from work since my ladyfriend visits me, so today is sort of like a Friday. Along with this feeling comes a strong desire to be lazy. So, I give you my apologies for not really caring about having a focused JohnnyBlog post today.

There is little on television outside of sports to watch right now. Well, let me correct that… All the shows I used to watch are either cancelled or not producing any new episodes. I have no idea of what shows, TV movies, miniseries or whatever that are worth watching, so my viewing hours are pretty limited as I make little attempt to try find something of value to watch. The one major exception to this is that I am happy to find that HBO’s “Entourage” is back on its second season.

At first, the idea of the show turned me off. Seriously, why would I want to watch another Hollywood-insider-type show based upon the assumption that we, the slack-jawed yokels, cannot get enough of the “glamorous” world of show business? Since it was HBO, though, I gave it a shot and must say that it is pretty enjoyable. The writing and acting is very tightly entertaining and the plotlines actually are more interesting than I assumed the subject matter could be.

People sort of say that just about every show HBO does is good, but I highly disagree. For me there are six very entertaining, top shows that I have seen since I have had the channel.

1. “The Wire”
2. “Sopranos”
3. “Oz”
4. “Entourage”
5. “Deadwood”
6. “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

Then I would say that Carnival and Sex and the City, while not really my thing, were all right when I was bored enough to watch them.

Despite HBO’s usual strength in original programming, there have been three shows that I wish they had never made: “Six Feet Under” “Mind of the Married Man” and “K Street.”

“Six Feet Under” is pretentious crap in the vein of American Beauty (suburban life is a lie, everyone who doesn’t fully embrace gay rights is actually gay, etc). The Mind of the Married Man was inane in that it acted like every married man cheats, obsesses about cheating or is a pussy. K Street was just a screwy idea doomed to failure. A lobbying firm that doesn’t really exist pretending like it’s real? The show was boring and the overacting by politicians made the audience feel awkward. Thankfully the latter two shows are no longer with us and SFU is ending after this season.

Oh crap, I actually just wrote about one main thing. Well, you ain’t going to get me to proofread. I am still going to be lazy about that!

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