Wednesday, June 08, 2005

JohnnyBlog's Boring Spring Cleaning Post

In preparation of moving on to a new place, I usually try to thin out my possessions so that moving will be a simpler process. In general, I feel more content to have less “stuff” or at least stuff that takes up less space. Nevertheless, at the same time I find myself trying to balance my sentimental side and pack-rat tendencies against my desire to have a lighter load.

I struggle with three major things when deciding what to keep and what to keep, sell, give away or throw away.

1. Notebooks from college courses. I always frantically and obsessively took down notes while in lectures through my four years at Cornell. Even if I knew something was pretty irrelevant or that I knew the fact like the back of my hand, I felt uneasy if the words from the professor were not instantly transcribed to my notebook. Needless to say, there are currently two large boxes full of notebooks taking up significant space in my room. The significant effort that I put into keeping the notebooks, the fact that I think I may want to look them up later on and the sentimental value of the notebooks make it difficult to part with these notebooks. An autofeed scanner would certainly be helpful, but I have not found them at any reasonable price. I am not even sure if they make them anymore.

2. Things that have a useful purpose and are worth very little, but I feel like I should keep around. For some reason I have several compasses and protractors. I think they have accumulated due to physics and math classes in the past; I am not sure. I also have a lot of magnets, they seem like they should be useful, but not having a magnet-friendly refrigerator, I am unable to find any use for them.

3. I am pretty firm on keeping gifts from others as much as possible, but at what level do I keep gifts that no longer serve their usefulness. Guilt prevents me from moving on any of these items.

I thought that I was not writing enough self-absorbed and boring pieces like this so, you’re welcome.

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