Thursday, June 02, 2005

Jim Kelly for Mayor?

Former Buffalo Bills quarterback and hall of fame member, Jim Kelly, is being asked to consider entering Buffalo/Erie County politics by Republican leaders. While the automatic reaction by many is asking what right does Jim Kelly have to run for political office, I believe one should not be so dismissive of the idea.

Bureaucrats, technocrats, and scions of powerful families have come and gone and done little. A former quarterback just needs common sense and leadership to be an effective government leader just like everyone else. To those living in the area, should Kelly decide to join the political fray, I suggest you wait to see his ideas and plans before you disqualify him prematurely.

Certainly Kelly will have an advantage of being a popular sports figure should he run, but politicians often unfairly benefit from things seemingly irrelevant to their government competency. Being from a famous political family and having great wealth both make it easier to run for office as well. Besides, another Buffalo quarterback ended up having a pretty successful political career…. Jack Kemp ring a bell for anyone?

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