Sunday, June 05, 2005

Iraqis Happier than Americans?

The New York Times runs an interesting chart periodically where it use statistics and polls to find out the "State of Iraq." It is a nice way to have some idea of how things are progressing in everyday life for the Iraqis outside of news reports of another suicide bombing claiming more innocent lives in the embattled country.

Well, this week the New York Times ran this chart again and had some interesting numbers. Most surprising of them was the result that 65% of Iraqis believe the country is on the right track including 40% of the often bitter Sunni minority. (This is up from 50% and 33% for all Iraqis and Sunnis respectively.)

Now compare this to the same question in this country. In just about every poll significantly less than 50% of Americans feel that the United States is on the right track. One recent poll had the right track/wrong track split at 30/56.

Seriously, how pathetic is this? While we live in comfort and have the benefit of plentiful resources, services and a growing economy with low unemployment, Iraqis-who often have to live in fear of daily terrorist attacks-are twice as likely to be optimistic about the fate of their country.

Yeah, high gas prices and a president who flubs the English language is justification for this attitude. The pessismists in this country need to grow up, seriously... Iraqis are shaming you.

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