Friday, June 03, 2005

Hate It or Love It the JohnnyBlog's On Top

I do not really feel like thinking too much today, so I am just going to rattle off a few thoughts in my head and laziate the rest of this Friday.

Isn’t it funny that everyone was all about the Euro and now people want to the throw the currency under the bus after the Euro constitution is dying a slow death.

See the problem with the currency in relation to the dollar, is that although the United States might have budget and trade deficits, we have the most dynamic economy around and have a currency backed by the US Marines and not some inept bureaucracy like the European Union leadership in Brussels.

Do people refuse to flush the urinal after they take a piss just because they are lazy or also because they want to save water? Either way, I don’t like risking someone else’s piss splashing back to me so I will always thwart any of these efforts to conserve water.

A whole bunch of people seem to be skipping work today. Didn’t we just have a three day weekend? Perhaps it says something about the work people do when they cannot stand the idea of working three days in a week after tasting the sweet taste of an extended weekend.

Am I the only one who hears 50 Cent singing “clickety-clank, clickety-clank the money goes into my piggy bank” whenever I get paid for something or when my stocks go up?

Do other people get annoyed when letters to the editor repeatedly say “wake-up America” and claim that the media is not obsessing enough over their conspiracy theory?

Did anyone else play Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker for the Sega Genesis? A friend across the street had this game when I was a kid and I often played it when I had the chance. The point of the game was to free children from car trunks and other enclosed spaces. After you charged up your dancing meter, you could kill a whole bunch of gangsters by doing dance moves they could not keep up with. Weird.

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