Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sports Radio, Judges, Devil Rays

Better Sports Radio

The only good radio sports shows are the ones where the host refuses to take phone calls. Tony Kornheiser is one of the few that limits listener interaction to pre-screened emails. Stopping nervous yahoos’ rants always improves the quality of a show.

By the way, I recently discovered a source of the humorous sound bites that Kornheiser uses on the show. Many are worth a listen. Today I also found the source of his “and boom goes the dynamite” bit. The line was the highlight of a Ball State sportscast full of lowlights. See the video here. I feel for the guy as I am sure my college radio performances weren’t always too impressive.

Judicial Filibuster Controversy

It is rather amazing that the fourteen senior and centrist senators were able to reach a compromise on the filibuster issue. The situation was the definition of a zero-sum game and so the only motivation was limiting partnership and minimizing the risk of failure. Time will tell whether this agreement will stick when the stakes are as high as a Supreme Court nominee.

End the Devil Ray Experiment

Usually I hate throwing a team’s fans under the bus especially since my beloved Buffalo Bills always have the risk of leaving Western New York for greener pastures. However, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are truly a waste of a franchise slot. Their stadium stinks, their attendance is awful and they never win. Perhaps richer ownership would change things, but I have my doubts that Tampa is enough of a baseball town for that to make much difference. The worst thing about the franchise is the name: Devil Rays? Whatever happened to birds, socks and menacing mammals?

In general, there is too much to do in Florida and it is too hot and sticky to have baseball succeed outside of crippling the product in a dome.

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