Thursday, May 05, 2005

Now, the Most Overrated...

All right, so I previously talked about the states that I thought were the most underrated. Now, though, in honor of the British election that's going on today, I have decided to go negative and talk about the ones that are most overrated. Besides, I try to put up something every business day and my body is so wired on Sudafed tablets, that my creativity is at an all-time low. Anyway, so let me explain this list. Basically, I disqualified any of the big three: California, Texas and New York. Why? Well, they are too controversial. It is hard for me to say that they are overrated when their very rating can be so opposite among each half of the country. Now, to the list!

Colorado: Yes the weather is great: snow, but not cold for very long below the peaks and mildly warm temperatures in the summer. Yes, Denver is an all right city and they have great skiing if that’s what you are into. Still, take away Denver and Coors bear, what else do you got in the state? Without Denver, the state is just like Wyoming and with the same boring shape: natural beauty that includes mountains and national parks. Want skiing? There’s plenty in Utah. Didn’t they have the Olympics there in 2002? Colorado is a great state, but its reputation far exceeds what it deserves.

Nevada: The only thing that this state has to offer is desert and gambling. Gambling is already legal in the majority of the states somewhere and desert sucks unless living things depress you. They do have legal prostitution in some places, which is good for some people, I suppose, but the love affair with the state and the city of Las Vegas is way over blown. Probably would not have been on this list twenty years ago…

Boston is suddenly hip again. The Red Sox, the gay marriage, the low murder rate, the Patriots, the accent… everything about Boston is in. It shouldn't be. The Red Sox’s championship was overrated. No one seems to care that Chicago has TWO TEAMS that have not won a World Series since before 1918. Tom Brady is an ass hat and the low murder rate has been replaced by an abnormally high rate of rape along with low income residents being priced out of the state. What about the rest of the state? Cape Cod is all right, but Maine blows the state away in natural wonder.*

*(Okay maybe this is just borne out of my hatred for the Red Sox and Patriots since they are rivals to my Orioles and Bills but my statement still stands.)

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