Monday, May 09, 2005

Madame President

Apparently, ABC is going ahead with a show where Geena Davis plays the first female president of the United States. You might as well do this now before Hilary Clinton plays the role of the first viable hopeful in 2008. Seriously, I expect that a woman will take the role before a minority does. Women slightly outnumber men in this country and women are usually more likely to support the members of their gender. You can see that in shows like American Idol. Women will support other women because they are “pretty” and “talented.” At the same time, they will support men they think are cute. Men on the other hand see no value in supporting other men they do not know. They just want to see the hot girls win.

Now I hope that people take the choice of president a little more seriously, but I think a tinge of this trend still exists in the most serious of votes. Personally, I fine with a well-qualified women eventually becoming president. I will not, however, support one just for the novelty of it. She has to truly be better than the man against which she is competing. I also hope Clinton does not become the first to do so. I dread her selection for no other reason than I am sick of this dynastic trend with the presidency. Could we please have someone unrelated to a president win again? Well, at least Democrat Joe Klein agrees.

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