Monday, May 09, 2005

Baltic Giacomo

A lot has been said about the controversy over Bush’s remarks regarding the Baltic States (Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia) and how they were betrayed by the Allies after World War II. Vladimir Putin is upset at yet another move by the White House to criticize actions by Russia both past and present. The honest truth is that American screwed over a number of countries after World War II. All of Eastern Europe was effective annexed by the Soviet Union if not officially at least effectively. The Allies simply could not or would not do anything about it. The Baltic States got the worst brand of treatment: Stalin wanted to turn the areas ethnically Russian or at least mixed. To do this, he forced the movement of thousands to a million of residents to Siberia. Needless to say a huge proportion died, adding to Stalin’s murder tool which eventually far exceeded Hitler’s.

Personally, I always thought the cheapness of the Baltic Avenue property in Monopoly was always a bitter slap in the face for the small nations.

I had no idea who would win the Kentucky Derby since I am not much of a horse racing fan. I did figure, however, that Bellamy Road would fail in the clutch. Whenever I watch the race the favorite always seems to falter. At the same time, just about every year the experts make note of this fact but then claim that this year will be different and that this favorite is special. If you picked the first three horses, rather difficult to do, you would have made almost a million dollars on a $1 bet. With only 20 horses in the race, this pay-out shows how much a long-shot the place, show and finish were.

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