Sunday, April 17, 2005

Whoops, IE 6 Cut Off Posts for Months

So apparently the post-summary system I had been incorporating on this blog was not working in IE 6. This is why a lot of posts from the past two months seemed like they were cut off in IE 6. Instead of showing the link to the full post, the post just ended early without explanation.

This kind of sucks considering how heavily IE is used. If only I had tested it out there before I used it for so long... (I was using a tip that was found on a Spanish blog and the translation wasn't the best, so I missed the warning about the problems in IE).

Oh well, you live and learn. I am turning off the feature in all future posts and am slowly fixing the old ones. If you were ever curious about old, shortened posts, you can see the full posts by going to the individual post-page (the link to this can be found on the bottom of each post where it says the time the post was made).

Sorry for breaking the fourth wall, folks.

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