Thursday, April 28, 2005

Thursday Blows

So apparently Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are dating. It wouldn't have seemed like such a publicity stunt but the story was broken by their publicity agents. For some reason, this is considered among the top stories of national importance. I mean is this more ... oh wait, the top story is apparently the Jackson Trial. Sorry to bother you.

Boston Red Sox Curt Schilling called out Tampa Bay Devil Rays manager Lou Piniella concerning the multiple scuffles that occurred during the weekend series between the two teams. First off, Schilling is overreacting: I doubt that Piniella ordered his pitchers to aim for the head. The Devil Rays pitching is awful enough that a back or leg shot could easily turn into head-hunting. Now, Piniella says that no one on his team was talking shit about him to the Red Sox as Schilling had claimed. Seriously, would anyone on his team say otherwise? Yeah, it's really a good idea to admit that you insulted the crazy manager behind his back.

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