Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sports Riffs

I think people are being overly-critical about the fact that baseball does not yet test for human growth hormone (HGH). Apparently a blood test is needed to test for that performance enhancer. It is understandable that the players association would want to avoid that kind of privacy invasion. It is easy to see who is using HGH, however. Seriously, you just need look at the players whose heads are suddenly growing despite being almost middle-aged.

We have had one major league baseball player already suspended over steroids and there is news today that thirty-eight minor league players have just been suspended as well. I remember one of the players on this list, Robert Machado, from his stint as a backup catcher for my Orioles last year. The guy was a sub-200 hitter with absolutely no power. Steroids appear to be used not only to build muscle, but to increase endurance and speed recovery from injury.


I just watched an NFL Europe game on the NFL Network for about ten minutes. It is amazing how boring football can be when the quality of play is lower and when you have no interest at all in the outcome. I had to wait forever to even see a glimpse of fans in the stands. Finally, I found out that only about nine thousand fans had made it to game in Berlin. For those who do not know much about the league, it has six teams and now has five of its teams located in Germany. The league hemorrhages money for the NFL, but Paul Tagliabue is obsessed with trying to force the NFL down the throats of the rest of the world. Soccer and the MLS has a better chance to catch on in America...

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