Monday, April 18, 2005

Real World v. Road Rules: Inferno II, Another Tasty Double Shot

Ok, so the laptop's still out, and last week's episode was jam-packed with goodies, so I wanted to make sure I could take notes to write a great summary. This week's was pretty sorry, so there won't be as much to say on that one. So without further ado, here goes.

There seems to be a new trend of gay shirts on the show. Mike sported one that said "Who said I was homophobic" and it shows two women's room girl symbols. Some show all 3 combinations of gay and straight couples. Just an observation.

This mission was water dodgeball, and of course, perpetuating the stereotype MTV can't seem to escape, Karamo doesn't want to get in the water. A very comical scene where everyone is startled by a water snake seals the deal. Karamo's taking a DQ. CT makes a good point "how can you expect to come to a challenge and not get wet?" Dan feels that his heat is screwed b/c MIke and the rest of the good guys "think about dodgeball" when they masturbate.

So oddly, the first heat consists if tge 4 scrawny Good Guys girls, vs 2 jacked girls and 3 huge guys from the Bad Asses. Sure, b/c that seems fair. The Good Guys get there asses kicked in that heat. Next heat, it looked like Landon totally got hit, but I guess it was by someone who had just gotten out so it didn't count. Darrell looks like he's helping the Good Guys w/ a comeback, and does some lame fake-out w/ his dodgeball. Not sure what the point of that was, but about 2 seconds later the Good Guys had lost, so whatever.

After their win, Karamo says his Bad Asses are "acting shady to me." Gee, maybe b/c you almost cost them $10,000? He then proceeds to say that they should "get over it." Easy to say. Later, Landon talks about "saving" Mike from the Inferno. He just wants Karamo to lose gracefully, which he shouldn't care about since Karamo is being lame anyway. Mike of course is only worried about looking "like a bitch," and is fuming most of the night.

When asked if he'd like to save Karamo, CT says "I don't feel like it," which is what Karamo said about bailing on the mission earlier. Nice dig CT. Karamo tells the camera that part of him hopes he loses to say "kiss my ass" to his team. Uh, how exactly does that "show" them? It just proves what they already think about you, that you can't handle it.

Landon jumps in for a pissed off Mike and beats Karamo. Karamo flips off his team and exits rather ungracefully. Landon remarks that he doesn't want Karamo to go home but "that's the name of the game." Uh...the name of the game is The Inferno II, where does it talk about going home? Anywho, Mike graciously congratulates Landon and says he just didn't want to lose a good competitor.

The end of the episode has a nice scene of everyone dancing. Did anyone catch Veronica's dance moves? She is AWful.

So onward to this week's episode. Jodi and Mike seem to be forming a pretty cute relationship, and she does a little skinny-dipping for him b/c she lost a bet. Flash to Veronica looking at a picture of Tonya (probably for Playboy)talking about how much it's been touched up. "Your legs are not this long" she remarks. Is Veronica really criticizing the length of someone's legs, b/c she has some of the shortest I've ever seen.

The mission's not even worth talking too much about b/c as usual the Good Guys lose. Man, can't they catch a break? The Good Guys do concoct a great scheme for Inferno voting. They wait until they hear the Bad Ass decision, and the Good Guy girl who gets voted in announces who she wants. Jodi and Julie wanted to go against Veronica, and Shavonda and Jamie wanted to go against Tonya. Jodi is voted in, and she selects to battle Veronica. The face on Veronica when she hears this is absolutely priceless, and they show it a good 3 or 4 times.

Somehow, the Bad Asses get wind of what happened, and they FLIP OUT. Essentially they're just pissed they got taken and want to get in Jodi's head. The Bad Asses keep talking about how "shady" it was. Whatever, it was smart. Dan tried to figure out a loophole in that clothes switching mission and he just made it worse, but it shows they tried stuff.

Anywho, so now everyone is jumping all over Jodi b/c they know she buckles under pressure, and it was the whole team's idea. Dan says "I thought I was the biggest bitch here." Ooh, ouch. But of course Jodi gets upset, and at one point has 4 Bad Asses in her face and yelling at her about how shady it was. Hello? Where is your time, and most of all Mike, to back you up? And Mike even talks about how it was 4 on 1 and how insane the Bad Asses are being. BACK UP YOUR TEAMMATE, WHAT THE HELL? Anyone else think that that was the shadiest part of the episode?

Next week's showdown should be good.

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