Saturday, April 16, 2005

Political Reality Check

Let's say that the Republicans in the Senate are successful and are able to get a ruling that filibusters cannot be used during confirmation votes on judges. (This is the so-called nuclear option.) Do we really think that the Democrats will then change this back when they are in power? By the same token, obviously the Republicans would not be making the same complaints if things were reversed. These points usually are not argued out of principle but instead out of political expediency. That does not surprise me. What surprises me is that both parties seem to believe that the status quo won't change. The reality is that some day the Republicans will again be in the minority and some day the Democrats will again be in the majority. A party's power is never permanent in our democracy. The ones in charge always wear out their welcome eventually

In general, I am getting tired of all this hate that people have in the political arena. Every event, no matter how apolitical, suddenly becomes a rallying cry for the extremes in each party. People cling to their party as being the absolute judge of truth. It seems like no one ever wants to calmly discuss the merits of some issue. Instead, people work harder on making sure that every policy minutia does not conflict with the pure ideology of their party. Nostalgia often clouds our judgment, but it seems like it used to not be this way. It seems like there was much more efforts for compromise and consensus in the past. Apparently I missed the memo that proved that everyone in the other party has only bad intentions, could not possibly believe in what they are saying and are pure evil... Oh well... at least my Orioles have won four out of five against the Yankees.


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