Friday, April 15, 2005

Our Cars Ain't Our Bodies

People often use similar words when talking about body parts and car parts. Our cars have bodies, we have bodies, our cars have joints, we have joints, are car need fluids, we need fluids and on and on.

Isn't it interesting, though, that in order to keep our bodies in top shape, we have to work out? Basically, we need to use our bodies, not let them go to waste. At least we need to if we want to ensure our best health. With cars, it's different: the more we use a car, the more we shorten its lifespan. The mileage on a car often becomes more important than its chronological age. With people, the more we exercise our bodies and our minds, the better both end up being in the long run. We cheat chronological age by adding mileage to our bodies and minds, not the other way around. (Plastic surgery only addresses outward appearences, not internal health. Sorry about that...)

Of course, going too far in underutilizing a car and over excercizing a body seem to reverse this trend. I heard that if you leave a car in storage too long, you can run into problems. It is important for people who store their car long-term to have someone drive it once in awhile and make sure the fluids stay fresh. With people, if we over use our bodies we reverse the positive trend there as well. Think about it: if you jog too much on hard pavement, you are likely going to have knee problems down the line. Football players are getting plenty of exercise, but many of them die prematurely due to the heavy tool that their brand of exercise takes on them. Coal miners and other manual labors might run into bad-backs and arthritic-joints from all that heavy lifting in their vocation.

I guess, in the end, moderation is always the key. I mean, aren't scientists now saying that too much water is a bad thing for athletes? Pretty soon, they will be warning as about over-exposure to oxygen. Or have they done that already? Please let me know...

Yeah, look at the time of this post... this is the stuff that keeps me from getting a good night's sleep.

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