Friday, April 22, 2005

Non Sequitor Seems A Lot Like Calvin and Hobbes

Now I never really read Non Sequitor outside of its Sunday version until recently. The Sunday version, although often getting into streaks of using the same characters, usually sticks to living up to its name: "Non Sequitor." Therefore, the characters and storylines often change randomly Sunday to Sunday.

Now that I read the comic somewhat regularly during the week, however, I am beginning to notice something: the usual Danae & Horse story lines seem eerily like Calvin and Hobbes. There is a precocious child with an active immagination and attitude who thinks up intricate plots with an animal friend. (I am not sure if the horse is supposed to be stuffed like Hobbes or real, but I think it's the latter.) The main difference is that the child is a girl and not a boy. So what's the deal? Anyway, take a look at today's edition of the comic strip and you'll see what I mean.

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