Monday, April 04, 2005

Inferno II, Doubleshot

Alright, so due to continued laptop issues and a late shift at work last week, I missed the Inferno, but I'm all caught up this week and raring to go.

So last week's episode wasn't hugely eventful. Robin and Tina were fighting for life savers so they wouldn't have to go to the Inferno. I love how these people act so fired up to go to the Inferno and then pansy out during the next mission.

In this mission, a chopper dropped fake cash on them and whoever collected the most would win. Everyone on Tina's team stuffed her shirt so she could win the life saver. A couple of girl's on Robin's team joined suit, although I think it was easier to stuff Robin's shorts as her bra was already quite low on space. The catch? You had only 5 minutes to count your money afterwards. If it was wrong, it didn't count. So of course Tina and Robin both miscounted. These players are not known for their skills in math. I was actually amazed that they were only off by 10 or less dollars. That sucks.

So Tina and Robin face off in the Inferno, and predictably Robin loses. They had to overcome being shackled to weights that measured half their bodyweight to grab a key and unlock the shackles. I thought perhaps Robin's boobs would give her an edge and bring her upperbody closer to the ground, but alas, she could not move. Robin gave a nice little speech about her good guy team and went on her merry way.

The episode ended with Beth and Veronica in one of the lamest fights I've ever seen. Veronica is sporting a "Future MILF" shirt. YOU ARE NOT CUTE! I can't stand this girl. What a Britney wannabe. She's short, she's slutty, and she's shady, and I just don't like her. Not that Beth's great either, but Veronica's much more annoying. She says something to the effect of "your ugly face does not deserve this conversation." Ouch, good one Veronica. You sure told her. Man, that has to be one of the lamest digs I've ever heard.

So after all the drama Beth just up and leaves, and that's the end of that. Cut to the "clue," which I wouldn't even really call a clue b/c they don't tell you anything besides what to wear and where to be, at the hot tub. Brad reads that they have to meet at some port. Dan says "A port, that means we'll be going in the ocean." Very good Dan! You get a cookie! Oy.

So they get to the "port," and I swear I completely cannot understand the explanation of the rules no matter how many times they say it. Something about switching clothing from one end of a line to another while on a balance beam. I get a headache just thinking about it. Dan steps out onto the beam and complains about how wobbly it is. Could he be more gay please? No really, just turn it up a little Dan b/c we couldn't already tell.

So Dan comes up w/ a plan to jump into the water so he'll be at the other end of the line (again, something with the rules) and can just pass of his clothes. Yeah, one problem. Wet clothes stick! Thus the bad asses lose. I swear half the time I don't know which team is which. I mean why is Dan a bad ass. He's not threatening. And why is Julie a good guy? She's the shadiest person out there! Again, I have issues w/ the teams this year.

So the good guys win their second in a row, and it's Mike and Karamo into the Inferno. Karamo bitches of course and tells CT to kiss his black ass. CT says not to play the race card b/c it's played out. I have to say that was hilarious, esp. after having to sit through Karamo in Philly. Abe has his usual temper tantrum b/c everyone's accusing him of having an alliance with Mike. Alliance...or crush? Hmmm...

More to come next week. Thoughts?

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