Thursday, April 21, 2005

Here, Let Me Help You Take My Job

I always kind of thought that the whole outsourcing hysteria was a little overblown, but whenever I read those stories about the phenomenon I felt for the people losing their jobs to overseas competition. What really bothered me about these stories, however, was how the people losing work were forced by the company to help teach their replacements how do to their jobs. Now obviously these people could have chosen to quit their jobs early instead, but I have a feeling they knew that they would lose some sort of severence and any chance of getting a decent reference from their soon-to-be-former employer.

It really completely sucks that the job market was so bad that employers could get away with this. Why is training your replacement so bad after you get fired? Well it's like a guy just started doing your wife and he tells you that your wife will be divorcing you in about six months. He then says that your wife is going to make the divorce nasty for you and you'll lose all your money unless you teach him how to best screw your wife and how to make her happy. You are livid, but you check with a lawyer and you find out that your wife's lover is right. So you are forced to teach the guy all you know. I mean, I cannot think of a more humiliating situation.

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