Thursday, April 21, 2005

Gadsen Purchase 21st Century Style

You know, it's a real pain in the ass if you want to go from Michigan to Boston or New York City. Now that there is talk that you will need a passport when traveling to and from Canada, the time seems right to rectify the situation. We need to buy that sliver of Ontario that sits between Buffalo and Detroit. The number of people living there is minimal and I am sure Canada would rather have some cold American cash to pay for that universal health care system or one of our forgotten states so they can get warmer.

If we gave them North Dakota, for example, and they gave us that southern part of Ontario along with a seventh round draft pick in this weekend's NFL Draft, I think both countries would be happy with the trade. I would even be willing to offer Delaware instead if Canada would prefer a little southern vacation outpost in that forgotten state.

Sorry for offending any Canadians, North Dakotians or Delewaricans but business is business and I need to be able to go to Detroit without going to a foreign land and not driving five extra hours. So, what can I say?

What's the Gadsen Purchase you say? Here's the answer.

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