Monday, April 04, 2005

Fun Facts About Daylight Savings Time

1. First was proposed in a 1907 pamphlet by Englishman, William Willett.

2. Was first implemented in 1916 by the German government in the midst of World War I. Great Britain quickly followed suit and added their own “war time” system to their calendar.

3. First began in the United States in 1918 at the same time Congress set up standard time zones across the country. DST was quickly repealed in 1919 because it was unpopular among the majority of Americans who already got up at the crack of dawn for farming and other tasks.

4. From 1942-1946 DST was brought back to the United States. The current system has been in place since 1966.

5. Power consumption is reduced by about 1% from right before to right after clocks are set one hour ahead.

6. The car accident rate increases and work productivity declines due to adjusting sleep patterns during the clock change.

7. The barbeque industry, the golfing industry and Major League Baseball are among the supporters of DST.

8. Some have proposed keeping DST standard throughout the entire year or increasing the change to two hours during the summer months.

Further Reading/Sources:

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