Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Driving Gripes

From Wednesday night to Monday evening, I had to do a bunch of driving for personal reasons. It wasn't as fun as it used to be. A couple of months ago, I had a rather nasty accident that has left me a little nervous when it comes to driving. I do not drive like an old lady, but highway driving has lost its former laid-back nature. Now I am constantly worried about something new going wrong with my car and someone doing something strange enough on the highway to trigger a terrible accident. So with this heightened awareness, I am noticing some annoying things that you will often encounter on the interstate.

Crazy Tractor-Trailer Drivers: These are the guys who pass on the farthest left lane on an eight lane highway. These folks will not shift into lower gears going down a steep hill but instead will ride their momentum down the hill to an inch of your back bumper. The worst of this behavior appears at the end of a traffic jam as they try to make up for lost time.

Pick-Up Trucks with Random Crap in Their Bed Secured Only by Used Chewing Gum: I swear that about 10% of highway accidents must be caused by this situation. Random crap falling out of pick-up trucks is scary and you only have a split second to decide whether the item is innocuous enough for you to drive over it or is dangerous enough that it is worth swerving to avoid. It would be nice if people driving these trucks would have the decency to either tie their stuff down securely or at least keep the tailgate closed.

The Right-Side Racers: These are the folks who despite driving at about fifty miles an hour when you approach them, suddenly feel their manhood threatened as you overtake them and proceed to race you. It is rather annoying behavior if you ask me.

Reckless Assholes: These bastards are the ones who weave out in and out of traffic with a only an inch or two margin of error, drive on the wrong side of 100 miles an hour and switch multiple lanes at a time. What bothers me about this is although they might risk a speeding ticket once in awhile, the accidents they cause usually do not involve them. Often they are already far away from a pack when a hard brake or swerve due from a car responding to their weaving triggers a chain reaction and a brutal accident.

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