Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Who You Calling Fat?

In the hysteria over the so-called epidemic of obesity in this country, it now has become more acceptable to attack overweight people. More and more often, I see people complaining about how heavier people are gross, are leading to ruinous increases in health care premiums, and should be ashamed of themselves. Making fun of someone’s weight is nothing new but it now has come to the point where it is becoming fashionable to blame people for the weight and insult them for not doing anything about it.

Now, before you go and start saying how here’s just another fat guy complaining about being picked on, stop. I am not overweight at all. In fact, I have been thin almost all of my young life. When I was a freshman in high school, I was feeling sick all of the time. They couldn’t figure out why I was having a problem. Finally, they realized that the reason was that I had grown almost a foot but had hardly gained a pound in the interim. I was ordered to gain weight by eating tons and tons of food. Basically I was ordered to do anything I could to put on pounds fast. Let me say that this is not all that it’s cracked up to be. When you are forced to eat more than you want, you feel like you’re sick all the time and makes you like food less, not more. But that’s beside the point...

There is a different reason I am mentioning my own weight. I am not trying to brag about having a relatively fast metabolism, but to point out something important about people’s weight. Every person has a different ability to keep the weight off and stay thin. I was blessed with an easier ability to keep weight off, but I have come to recognize earlier on that other people aren’t so lucky. Yeah, anyone can lose weight if you cut off their food, but it is much more difficult for some than it is for others. Probably the person you are ridiculing for her weight has hard time keeping off the pounds. Do you really think she enjoys the extra weight? I doubt it. If you went around yelling at people for not being too lazy to be athletic or too lazy to be tall, you would seem illogical and irrational. We all accept the fact that those attributes are largely out of someone’s control. Why can’t we do the same for weight and metabolism?

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