Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Unpleasant Memories

A grocery store in Hong Kong was apparently fined for selling cereal infested with beetles. I like the quote from the man who bought it. He said that the cereal was "too organic for my liking." Great stuff.

Unfortunately, it also brought up painful personal memories for me. A few years ago, I was eating some Fruit Loops when I tasted the most bitter thing I have ever tasted. I look down in my bowl and find a bunch of floating lady bugs, some split into a variety of body parts. In any event, I quickly began to spew Fruit Loop crumbs and half-chewed lady bugs on the kitchen table. Obviously, this grossed out my eating companions. It took me awhile before I ever ate Fruit Loops again. Even when I did eat them again, it was hard to enjoy them as much since I kept on looking down at my bowl to double check I didn't have the added garnish in my cereal.

Lately, I have been eating Basic 4. Hearty, but sweet. More on my cereal in the future.

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