Tuesday, March 29, 2005


As part of the ongoing blog redesign, I was wondering if people thought it would be worthwhile to spin off some of the topics on to another blog. I feel that the JohnnyBlog is a little schizophrenic as it stands currently. I am going to look into whether it's possible to split up topics into different blogs while also keeping a master blog that displays all posts through Blogger, but for now I am looking at clean splits on different blogs.

What to do Next:

There are currently three different main topic categories that I can see: sports, politics and popular culture. The split could go down that line or it could also be done based on the tenor of the article. My initial gut feeling is that I would spin off the popular culture and other less-serious stuff and leave the rest of the stuff behind, but I am not sure right now.

It seems that the best blogs keep a narrower focus than mine does, so a change is likely to happen eventually. I would love to hear you comments if you would like to give them. Feel free to email me too.

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