Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Sick of Hearing the Following...

“Stakeholders”: This has become popular in offices nowadays. It is based on this idea that we need to get all those who have a “stake” in some process to have their say. Usually it is used to do two annoying things. One, saying that we need to talk to more stakeholders is a way to delay making an actual decision. Secondly, it is also used to ignore someone’s complaint. If someone is complaining about something you support, you can just search for more “stakeholders” who support your position.

Adding “-gate” to the Name of Every Scandal: All right, I guess in the first few years after the Watergate scandal, it may have been cute to add “–gate” to the name of scandals. It has now been more twenty years since Nixon resigned. Let’s move on and just call a scandal a scandal. No more “Monicagate,” “Enrongate” and whatever else. Just STFU already, okay? Watergate was the just the name of the hotel where the scandal started!

“Playing Politics”: This phrase has been used so often it does not even mean anything anymore. Any time something on one side is not being done, the other side says “they are playing politics!” Really? What exactly are you, oh right, a politician. This phrase seems to imply that any time a party does something that you do not like, they could not possibly be doing it out of conviction, they must be doing it just for political expediency. This is even said when a party’s position is widely unpopular… Just stop it already.

So and so “is a Nazi”: All right it is funny when it is done in jest on Seinfeld, but it when it is done seriously, it is extremely obnoxious and destructive. Not everyone who is more conservative than you is a Nazi. When the actions of one politician or government is called a Nazi by a lot of folks, the comparison is so laughable, the person loses all credibility. I find it hilarious when this is used against people who actually want limited government considering the totalitarian nature of Hiter’s regime. The irresponsible use of this term insults the victims of the Nazis and is just a blatant attempt to avoid argument and shut off debate.

So, what commonly used phrases or terms bother you? Let me know...

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