Monday, March 14, 2005

Second Look at Contender

Earlier, I was dimissing Burnnett's new reality show the Contender saying that I got bored with it after only watching it for a minute and that the ratings might be low for a reason. Well, I am completely reversing what I said earlier. I was able to give the show a try on Monday night in its rebroadcast on CNBC and then also watch a second episode last Thursday. I must say that the final fights at the end kind of save any shortcomings of the show that you see in the beginning, i.e. the somewhat lame competitions for the East and West teams. They do a very nice backstory on each of the fighters, the family life, what have you. Then they do the fight and the first two fights that I have seen have both have had the underdogs win in very competitive fights. I don't usually enjoy watching boxing, but they do a very quick five round fight mixed in with personal interest. Both make the fights much more interesting for a marginal, casual fan like myself.

Unfortunately, it appears that the ratings have thus far remained unimpressive
. I think boxing still has a relatively small following due to its suicidal obsession with putting all of the fights on premium cable or pay per view. Still, I think that the show, if given a fair chance by NBC has a good shot of growing an audience both for itself and for boxing in general.

My original thoughts on boxing having a rebound in popularity much like poker did in 2003-2004.

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