Monday, March 21, 2005

Rent a College Pep Band

So apparently Bucknell, who surprisingly upset Kansas in the NCAA tournament, were without a band during their two game run. Apparently the band decided that it was not worth coming to support the basketball team and instead decided to enjoy spring break. What did Bucknell do? Play without a band? Hell no, they enlisted the support of bands supporting teams other teams in the tournament. The Detriot News summarizes the incident thusly:

Bucknell's underdog tale was emphasized by the plight of its band, or lack of one. Because of spring break, the Bisons were without their usual crew, so they borrowed Northern Iowa's on Friday and Oklahoma State's on Sunday. They also borrowed a lot of Oklahoma State's fans who stuck around after seeing the Cowboys win the early game.

Wearing a shade of orange similar to Bucknell's, Oklahoma State supporters shouted chants of "Go Bison" and held up "Believe Bucknell" cards that some Bison alums had printed Saturday. Some even learned to do a hands-to-head gesture mimicking a charging bison.

Bucknell's win over Kansas has to go down as one of the biggest upsets in tournament history. I have heard that Bucknell is the first Patriot League team to win a tournament game. It must have been rather disappointing that their short Cinderella run couldn’t have been helped by their own pep band.

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