Thursday, March 17, 2005

More on Judicial Appointments

In my first post about the problems with filibustering judicial nominations, I neglected to included some real statistics to back up my points. Why not? Well, I'm a lazy ass, step-off. Luckily, I happened upon on some interesting statistics compiled over on Apparently there has been a clear downward trend in the confirmation rate of appelate judges (the ones that actually make a real difference) during the Reagan administration. This is of course when the term "Borked" came into existence and when the unfortunate aftermath of Roe's politicizing of judges came into full-effect.

According to DalyThoughts, the rate under clinton had slipped down to 61.3%. Now, though, the rate for Bush is less than 40%. Not a pretty picture. The problem with the stonewalling of appelate nominations is that you can't expect to get away with doing it when you are in the minority and then expect to avoid the boomerang when your party later takes control. The Powerlineblog has a good post on the shortsightedness of the Democrats' tactics.

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