Thursday, March 17, 2005

More on Cornell Alumni Magazine's Wolfowitz Article

A reader chimes in: "One comment that perhaps you don't know is that the alumni magazine used to be and may still be not run by Cornell but the independent alumni association. If that is still the case the association staff print what they want - you would assume it would be what the alumni would want but who knows."

I would argue that Cornell holds some minor responsibility for what is being hosted on their server, but for most part, if this is true, they are absolved from blame here. I apologize for assuming otherwise.

Those who run the magazine and the person who wrote this article, however, should be ashamed by it. The magazine is still supposed to be for all alumni not just those who have a certain political persuasion. I am not saying that CAM cannot deal with controversial issues, but I would suggest doing so in a more fair fashion or not doing it all. This isn't the Nation, this is an alumni magazine!

My original post on the subject.

Somewhat Related Update: Todd Zywicki at Volokh puts out a nice list of Dartmouth related blogs. I wonder, are there similar ones for Cornell? If there are, I haven't found them yet. Drop me a line if you know of any.

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