Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Joslin's Quick Points About the Gay Marriage Controversy

Ok, so I do think John made some valid points, and we've talked about this in the past. I do have some areas of disagreement however:

3. I believe John was kidding about this one, but telling a gay person to marry someone of the opposite sex if they want to get married is not really a solution just because it is the current law. It is in fact what many homosexuals had to do decades ago because their sexuality was unacceptable. This is likely to cause depression and is not an answer.

4. Ok, the slippery slope thing is my real issue. Decades ago, Many considered it taboo to even consider legally allowing interracial marriage. You should "stick with your own kind." Now, while still not universally accepted, it is legal, and most people don't give it a second thought. It is a consentual, monogamous union between two individuals. Gay marriage would still fit this mold. Adultery, polygamy, underage laws, none of those issues would be excused with gay marriage. They are still valid.

In addition, I do not believe people are born polygamists. Perhaps years from now they will discover otherwise, but for now I will say it is a choice. Homosexuality is not a choice, as research evidence is slowly beginning to verify. It is how you are born. I could go into all the new evidence about testosterone surges during the second trimester, but I'll spare you. Anywho, just like you are born a certain race or a certain sex, so too are you born a certain sexual persuasion. To me, denying gays the right to marry is like saying it is a choice, and an unaccepted choice, and I find that very much unfair.

I also don't think that reproduction should be used as a reason. That would be like saying that barren (or as Charlotte termed it on Sex and the City, "reproductively challenged") couples should not be allowed to marry because their union will not produce a child. Furthermore, plenty of couples marry and never have children. Should people not be allowed to marry until they have a child? And yes, as John noted, gay couples SHOULD be allowed to adopt, provided it's an appropriate living environment. Heterosexual couples go through an extensive screening process before they are allowd to adopt, and homosexual couples would as well, probably with a little more scrutiny. Since sexuality is how you're born, there's no worry about "poisoning" the child into one persuasion or another. It's already been decided.

Not sure how to end this, so uh...peace out...

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