Saturday, March 26, 2005

Inferno II Continues

Joslin's First Inferno Post

Ok, so I meant to give my little summary earlier, but due to a crashed hard drive was unable. Anywho, here goes...

This episode was hyped from the very beginning. We all knew what was gonna go down btwn Beth and Tonya, but seeing it unfold was pretty interesting. Of course the real beef started with Tonya and Robin, understandably so. We all know from previous competitions that Robin and Mark kind of had a thing going at the end of the most recent competition. And Tonya, as we all know, is a whore. So of course Beth squeals to Robin that Tonya confessed to having "dated" and hooked up w/ Mark and some point in the recent past. Robin flips on Tonya, with by far one of the funniest lines I've heard from an MTV show in ages: "If I'm a guy and some whore puts her vagina in my face, am I gonna sleep with her? Yeah, but that doesn't mean we're dating." Ok Robin, nice diss on Tonya, but that still doesn't make you sound good. You're basically saying it's ok for Mark to go out and sleep w/ whomever whenever and you're ok with it. Not good, but an E for effort.

I must say I was amazed Robin didn't think to make a remark about her own ginormous boobs compared to Tonya's much smaller and fake boobs. Come on Robin, you probably can't even see your own feet they're so big. Certainly you can find a way to use these monstrous buzooms to take her down a notch or two.

Now of course Tonya is upset at Beth. Have ya not seen the other shows Tonya? Did you really think you could trust Beth? No one really even likes Beth, so I'm not sure why they bring her in. It was about as wise as bringing in David, who was from her season go figure, in one of the last Battle of the Sexes. But I digress, so Tonya starts grilling Beth while she's sleeping. Beth pretty much doesn't care, and Tonya, in a segment that will become as popular on clip shows as Irene's slap heard 'round the world, empties Beth's clothing into the pool. While Beth walks around aimlessly in her whatever attitude, Tonya looks on with one of the most crazed looks I have ever seen. She lamely sits back and "basks" in her genius. Yes, very clever Tonya, you should be quite proud that you punished Beth for telling Robin you slept w/ her man. Now how about you go spread 'em for some guy and exacerbate your kidney stones.

I must say I was very surprised that they even bothered to have a mission this time. Luckily for them it was a mission involving pairs at a time and thus took all of 5 minutes to execute after 20 minutes of drama. Everyone racked zero points except for one team (Rachel and some guy, can't remember who). Tina and some girl are set to go into the inferno thus far. Who can remember after all the commotion, I mean really.

And of course, classic Beth in the previews. She is now out to sabotage her team, big surprise. Again, have the teammates never seen her in action? Sheesh, talk about history repeating itself. So the team will try to send her to the inferno and get rid of her.

A crisper summary to come next week, as my laptop will hopefully be repaired. Ah, and P.S. Julie is not a lesbian. Some thorough research uncovered that she married a guy, a doctor I believe. She also has a website where she explains in excruciating detail why she would be a great speaker at any school. Yes Julie, you are a real inspiration.

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