Monday, March 14, 2005

Inferno 2: Good Guys vs. Bad Asses

The new Real World/Road Rules challenge seemed pretty promising. While it started off already missing the best part of the challenges, Coral (shush Johnny B, Coral rules), it was to pit the two shows against each other once again in the Inferno, where the best beefs were born. On the first episode, however, the teams were mish-mashed in what Mr. Trump likes to call a "corporate restructuring." There's no Real World vs. Roal Rules anymore, but rather Good Guys vs. Bad Asses. It can be tough to remember who's on which team, and furthermore it's much harder to decide who to root for. I've always been a Real World fan, mainly because Real World usually cares more about team unity whereas Road Rules is hardcore competitive. Real World is also the underdog, considering most of them are whiny and spoiled and Road Rules is a bunch of ripped athletes. I think they made a big mistake with the mixed teams.

In tonight's episode, Mike won the Life Saver and thus could not go to the Inferno. One of the other guys on the team needed to volunteer to go in Mike's place, or a guy would have to be chosen. A "cowboy" named John, sporting a "Jesus is Real" shirt, began a long confessional narration about how "well, Jesus sacrificed himself for all mankind, so I will sacrifice myself for the good of my team." ...yeah...'cause that's the same thing...He makes a pretty significant point of it, saying it like three times. Dude, what you're doing is NICE, but let's not make it out to be more than it is. So Cowboy John does his Inferno thing...and loses. I guess you could say that's similar to what happened in Biblical times, the main difference (among MANY) being that Cowboy John will not grace us with another appearance.

As if this weren't enough, Julie, the infamous Mormon-turned-psycho who recently found a "life-partner" and got married (Mormon-turned-Psycho-turned-lesbian?), begins crying her eyes out. She squeezes out between sniffles how John sacrificed himself and no one on the team appreciated it and no one else stepped up. She said other guys could have won a lot easier and done better in that competition and none of them stepped up. Dude, COWBOY JOHN VOLUNTEERED. Remember, all the sacrificing stuff? He WANTED to do it, so quit your whining. And yes, that does mean she was a Real Worlder.

At least next week is the episode where Tonya the Whore is called such, and then throws someones clothes in the pool. Sweet.

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