Wednesday, March 23, 2005

If the NFL Was Played Like Madden

(The Video Game)

1. Then teams would go for it if it was 4th down and ten or less.
2. Fake field goals and punts would be called at least once a game.
3. Games would be done in less than an hour.
4. Teams would never stop running up the score.
5. There would never be locker-room problems or QB controversies.
6. Teams would pass about 75% of the time.
7. Kickers would spend most of their time working on their timing with the accuracy meter.
8. Games would be stopped for bathroom breaks.
9. GMs would focus on a player’s “speed-burst” during the Indianapolis Scouting Combine.
10. Coaches would be hired based on their keen ability to find “money-plays.”

Madden would say the same five-phrases over and over again while calling the game. Oh wait…

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