Monday, March 21, 2005

Email a Column, Help Save the World

Although the New York Times often displays bias in its reporting and its editorial page is a proxy for the Democratic Party, I still regularly read the newspaper. I read it because of its reporting is more original, in-depth, broader, deeper and overall better-written than all other newspapers out there. I also think it is important to keep up with, through their editorial page, the arguments that the people I disagree with are making. You can argue that the Washington Post rivals the Old Gray Lady in quality, but the New York Times surpasses the Post in its larger volume of high-quality work.

Anyway, what I always do find funny about the New York Times is the list of most-emailed stories that they keep on their web site.

This is how it might look like on one day:

1. Paul Krugman: Social Security Reform is Worst than Pol Pot.
2. Random Professor: Bush is Threatening Our Freedom.
3. Maureen Dowd: Why Can’t I Get Married?
4. African Tribe Loves Yogurt
5. Frank Rich: Mel Gibson is an Anti-Semite

Then on another day:

1. Maureen Dowd: Men Should Die, They are Inferior
2. Frank Rich: Enron!! WorldCom!! Halliburton!
3. Food Made Out of Paper
4. Bob Herbert: Bush is Racist
5. Paul Krugman: Lies, Lies, Lies! Bush is Evil!

What I really wonder about is why people keep on sending Paul Krugman opinion pieces to each other. I mean, is it like surprising to see Paul Krugman angrily attacking Bush week after week? I think after awhile it would just get old and not really be interesting to point out that Krugman is using the exact same argument week after week in his attacks on the Bush administration. This just in, Paul Krugman reamed Bush today! In other news, the sun also rose.

I suppose the letter that people use when they send Krugman’s hatchet jobs on Bush is probably something like this:

Dear Rainbow,

I was just reading the New York Times today and I came across another piece of genius from Paul Krugman. I really thought you would enjoy it. He really teaches Bush a lesson. I am sure that idiot is probably already packing his bags to leave the White House because what Krugman says, when it gets out, will lead to an immediate impeachment and conviction! If only Americans would wake up, turn-off fascist Fox News and read a little Krugman, maybe they would stop being so stupid.

Oh well, as long as the Little Eichmanns profit from the war-machine, the gospel of Krugman will be suppressed. Hopefully this little email will help start to stem the tide and save our civilization.



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