Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Couple of Quick Thoughts on Social Security and Minimum Wage

In regards to Social Security. Why is no one mentioning how Social Security redistributes money? It moves money from the rich to the poor, men to women, blacks to whites. Why is that? (The rich to poor is built into the system, but the rest comes from life expectancies which isn't accounted for when they make you contribute). Also, if Social Security is such a great way to provide retirement income why is no other pension plan set up to work in a similar way? People usually don't like the idea of having a pyramid scheme as part of their 401K, but that is basically what Social Security is. Social Security depends on a wider base to the pyramid to provide for those at the top of the pyramid. It just doesn't really work that well if the government isn't involved, forcing people to contribute.

I read that the minimum wage increase has died in the Senate despite the fact that some kind of increase is supported by both sides of the aisle. Has things gotten so bad in Congress that they cannot figure out a compromise proposal on this? I mean c'mon. All of this posturing for midterm elections is getting old.

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