Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Contender is a Flop

So according to the DrudgeReport, NBC's new reality hit the Contender had the lowest ratings for Monday night. Now, I had predicted that this show was going to be a big success and be a part of a resurgence for boxing in this country. I am not sure whether or not boxing will still maintain the momentum it previously had, but it appears that this show will not be a part of any rebound for the sport.

Seeing all of the promotions for the show, I assumed that it was going to be a big success. Basically, I thought that it was going to very popular: a cross between Survivor and Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Apparently, I was wrong. I saw that the show was on at 9:30-11 last night and figured I would catch the past two thirds of the show after I got my 24 fix. I quickly flipped to Contender after I saw the scenes for next week's 24. For some reason, immediately, I let out a "enh" and turned off the TV to do something else. I saw Sylvester Stallone and Sugar Ray Leonard laughing at some of the boxers while they were eating saying how gullible the boxers were. Then, it led into a commercial talking about how each team of boxers were going to have to carry logs up a hill. I immediately wanted to stop watching, but I still really do not understand why that was...

Everlast's stock shot up quickly after I bought it for some unknown reason. I sold it recently after it got to around 12 after I had bought it around 7.50. My guess is that the stock's rise was in response to some investors' feelings on an increased popularity for boxing. Perhaps it came from somewhere else; I don't know for sure. For now, though, I have little faith in a further rise for the stock.

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