Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Brave New Blog

I sort of started to wonder about my priorities when I gave up two hours of my normal night’s sleep so that I could continue my efforts to find out where to get the music from the first Troy teaser. Pretty sad, isn’t it?

It worries me that they promote the Island by saying that it is from the producer who made Armageddon and Pearl Harbor. I mean seriously, I have some doubts about how many people that statement will bring in. That being said, I must say that the Island looks rather impressive. The trailer gives very little of premise away except that clones are being created on this island, some find out who they are and make an escape. The question becomes why are these clones being created, why are they so intent on escaping, and why there are determined people chasing them? It has some tinges of Gattaca and Brave New World and if the movie can match up to the feel of the trailer, it could be a very enjoyable film. Ewan McGregor and Djimon Hounsou star, movie coming out this summer.

Speaking of Brave New World, people focus on 1984 and worry that we may risk heading down the direction outlined in that famous book, but I feel that our real risk is having our society morph into the one found in Huxley’s less-famous novel. The 1984 dystopia-model will die with Kim Jong Il. Genetic engineering; commoditization of our bodies; increased focus on physical pleasure; increased consumption of mood-altering drugs; denigration of spirituality, sacrifice, masculinity and character all are becoming accepted aspects of the modern world. We should not be surprised that people have become less content as this becomes more and more a reality.

Running Items Department: Committed’s future looks even bleaker considering that one of the stars of the show, Jennifer Finnigan, has already signed on for a drama pilot being ordered by CBS. So says TVTome.

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