Thursday, March 24, 2005

Blog Battles

I have just come up with a great movie idea. You know the movie 8 Mile? How about a movie about a blogger who is struggling with his crappy 9-5 while he keeps working on his blog-skills on the side. He is just about to give up his dreams, letting all his hard-work go to waste, when he finally gains the courage to represent in a freestyle blog-battle. He destroys the competition and gains new respect in the blogosphere. Book deals and radio shows are now certainly in his future. I am willing to play the lead in this movie.

"Your blogging's generic, mine's authentic-made!"

I imagine that a freestyle blog-battle would work in the following way:

1. DJ flips a coin, challenger calls in the air. Winner of the toss chooses who goes first.
2. The DJ puts a hot beat, i.e. a controversial column, on the screen.
3. Blogger 1 has 10 minutes to write on the subject.
4. Blogger 2 takes his turn.
5. The people in the audience decide to which blog they want to link.
6. The winner is the one whose blog post has the most links sent to it.

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