Monday, February 07, 2005

Two New Innovations I Would Like to See

1. In the form of either a seperate program or a feature of a web browser, I would like to see something that I could turn on that would not only track where I surfed, i.e. like the current history features in a web browser but actually downloaded complete copies of what I was looking at automatically to my hard drive. So often, I surf to something interesting and I would like to find it again but either it becomes paid content, is moved to some other location or is removed entirely. In general, I just like to save this stuff. Also, it would be nice to be able to just search content that I actually saw in the past on the Internet not what is located on an entire site or the entire web. Perhaps this program would only be useful to me, but I think there's some others out there who would like it as well. My pitiful programming skills prevent my invention of this product...

2. Some truly reliable archival medium. Apparently CD-Rs hardly ever live up to the promises of 100 year lifespans. Instead, the poorly made ones can sometimes last only two years or so. So all those important documents and pictures that you thought were kept safe on a CD-R might already have disappeared. (Of course you should probably have backed up this stuff in multiple forms but I am not going to fault you for that). But seriously, what altenatives are there besides repeatedly copying things over. Hard drives certainly don't have an infinite lifetime and neither do disks of any sort. Someone should be working on some thing that is cheap and realible. The person who eventually does this will be a billionaire I am sure. Hopefully this will come sooner rather than later.

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