Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Disrespecting the Pats

Dan Shanoff writes on ESPN.com complaining about how teams and athletes keep on saying they don't get respect but actually get plenty of it. I like his top choice in the list which mentions the New England Patriots:

New England Patriots
Hey, who let them sneak back in here? Was that you, New England Sports Fans??? What's wrong with you?!

Category of Disrespect: Totally Manufactured

Solution: Apparently, nothing can truly fix the inferiority complex. (No disrespect intended.)

Seriously, they could claim some disrespect when they became underdogs in the second round to the Colts, but I was hearing players being quoted, like Willie McGinest afte they beat the Steelers that no one gave them a shot to win, get where they were, whatever.

Didn't give them a shot or enough respect? They were favored on the road against a team who had beat them during the season and had a better record. That's not respect? Having everyone pick them to go back to the Super Bowl before the season, calling Belichick a genius and make dubious claims that Tom Brady is the best QB in NFL history? That's not respect?!

The Patriots are beginning to sound like platinum-selling rappers on their follow-up album.

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