Saturday, January 22, 2005

What Haunts Me

When God judges our generation what will he say? What moral transgression that we have compromised with in our time will be our tragic sin?

150 years ago this country allowed slavery, for most of the time the majority in the North did not care or do anything about it. They simply lived with it, profited from it, compromised with it or thought they could do nothing about it. We look back at these people critically, wondering why they didn't do more to stop this abomination from existing in our union. This I do not decry, but what about us, what tough moral dilemma do we need to deal with? What trial do we need to face courageously? When do we need to decide to act with unselfishly morality? Is it abortion, poverty, tyranny ?

I am not sure of which of these issues we need face in such a way. I do know, though, that too often I see opinions on these issues being based on blatant self-interest rather than on true morality. Too often it seems that we take the easy way with these things. What benefits me the most? What is the status quo? What gets me laid?

Sometime in the future, I am certain that new generations will look at some of our sins and our wrongs and wonder how we could have tolerated such injustice and immorality. Maybe the ultimate judge will wonder as well.

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