Sunday, January 23, 2005

Super Bowl Matchup

I was more sure about my prediction of the Pats winning in the AFC championship than I was about the Falcons pulling out the upset, but I totally misjudged Philadelphia's ability much to my chagrin.

So it's New England v. Philadelphia as the oddsmakers had predicted and many had thought in the beginning of the season. I hate both teams and think I will be less interested in the Super Bowl than I have been for a long time. I am sure I will watch it, but not sure who I will go for. The way the Patriots have owned the Bills as of late has made me dispise them, but at the same time, the Eagles' dissing of the 90s Bills by saying they didn't want to be like them by losing the NFC Championship game four straight years, despite the fact the Bills actually got there, annoyed me significantly as well. Also, their owner is a giant tool.

Hmm.. probably will root for the Eagles relunctantly...

Oh well... at least we are closer to the off-season and I can try to get hopeful for the Bills' season next year.

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