Thursday, January 20, 2005

The New Apprentice, First Impresions

So.. I had no idea that they were doing a new Apprentice this quickly after the other one had ended. I decided to watch it....

All right, so Trump decided to divide the contestants into two groups, those with college educations and those with just high school education. He says he wants to know whether pratical experience is worth more than an academic education. Who does he think he is, Mortimer Duke?

Apparently the high school students have higher salaries than the college students despite being of the same average age and IQ according to the Donald. The same IQ? Did he really give them a test or what? What is he judging this on?

This is the first time I think I ever have heard of the phrase "cut by the juggler." Wait, is the same guy who just says that "street smarts" is the most important thing in business. Street smarts? In the real estate industry? I guess it's good to literally have street smarts as in it's good to know what street the house you are selling is on, but it's not like they are slinging crack out there.

Speaking of real estate, why are so many of these people involved in real estate? Is this because that's what Trump does or is it because that's where it's easier to be successful? It seems that all of these people are either in the financial industry, marketing, real estate or are lawyers. I guess producing something of value disqualifies you from being successful in Trump's eyes.

I have a feeling that the chip on the shoulders from the high school students and the superiority complexes of the college students will be increasingly annoying.

Others have mentioned this, but the after the fact voice-overs are really lame. I suppose it would be nice to be able to do that in every day life. You know that zinger you threw at me? Well I am dubbing a comeback after the fact.

Hmm.. that's a lot of jewlery for working at Burger King. You know, I could really go for a spicy chicken crisp.

I have learned that liking viking helmets disqualifies you from running a large company.

All right, that's 30 minutes, I have had enough.

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