Sunday, January 23, 2005

The left of center columnist Thomas Friedman criticizes European leaders for rooting for American failure in Iraq in order to give a petty "I told you so." As expected, considering his feelings, he doesn't spare the Bush administration from criticism either in this article

I can understand many American citizens opposing the war in Iraq. Looking in retrospect it may have been a mistake at THIS POINT. What I cannot understand is that some of these critics root for American failure there. They want the beheadings and slaughterings of the terrorists there to succeed in forcing us out. They think it is worth it to have some self-satisfaction and something to hold over Bush. This is shameful and inexcusable. It is not unpatriotic to criticize our leaders or our country's policies, but it is unpatriotic and treasonous to root for our failure. Last time I checked we weren't still there to kill Iraqis or steal their oil. We want to get out, but our staying in order to ensure a stable and prosperous Iraqi democracy. So if you are rooting for our failure there, not only are you betraying your country, you are also hoping for more death and misery for the people of Iraq.

Now let me get to France and Germany. Let's assume that they were right about the mistake of going into Iraq. Fine, they get a fucking gold star and maybe can hold their head up a little higher. But why are they not helping in the country right now? To punish us? It's not us that they are truly punishing but the people of the country that they nominally were looking to protect in all of this. It looks like to me that they truly did not give a shit about the Iraqi people. If they did, they would be trying to help stabilize the situation. Instead, they are sitting on their hands trying to feel superior. And if we fail? They will not be immune from the consequences. Terrorists will feel emboldened that they were able to intimidate a superpower and they will have a country of their own to control again. They will feel more justification and more confidence in using terrorist tactics against France, Germany and other European countries for any perceived grievances there. If these countries think that this is war on terrorism is just a war involving Americans, they are badly mistaken. Staying out of the Iraq situation and lambasting Israel won't save them.

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