Thursday, March 28, 2002

Just Trying to be Nice...

John goes to Oakies, after class, where he does not really know anyone. I see a girl who seems kind of down, well not terribly down, but seeming bored and lonely or what have you.

I say: "Hey, do you mind if I sit with you?"

Her: "Um... yeah.. um I guess, I am about done"

Me: "Cool, thanks"

Her: "Yeah..."

Me: "So, how are you doing?"

Her "Not bad" *looking away*

Me: "You seem kind of down, something wrong?"

Her: "Yeah.. rough day, I guess"

Me: "Oh..." About to inquire further, but I get the body language that she rather kill herself than to talk to me.

Me: "So...-what grade you in-"

Her: Cutting me off-"-what time is it?"

Me: "1:10"

Her: "Yeah, I have to go.....sorry.. *rolling her eyes*"

Me: "Um....nice meeting you" I look away, to avoid further embarassment.

Possibly later?

Her: "Some creepy guy tried to hit on me in Oakenshields"

Her Friend: "Ew, ohmigod"

Damnit, I have a fucking girlfriend, I was just trying to be friendly, cockmonger!

Just one in a series...

So what's my problem?

a) You're just unlucky man, that was one fucked up bitch! I don't know why you don't yet have an entourage!

b) Your eyebrows make you look kind of angry, try wearing a hat really tightly and make it so it pulls up your eyebrows into a really surprised expression! It worked for me!

c) Sometimes people are just having a bad day, why don't you leave them the fuck alone

d) I'm that girl! Damn, I just had to get to class, why don't you chill!

e) Sometimes you have your pants hiked up too much and people can see your two foot long penis, that can be a little intimidating

f) You need to put on some deodorant!

g) Dude, close your legs!

h) Why you tripping? I am obsessed with you, I even have a shrine made out of the pubes you leave in the toilet!

i) Stop calling me!