Friday, October 19, 2001

Random Thoughts

All right people have sort of abandoned this whole Live Journal fad, and since I
haven't really written anything for awhile, I figure I might as well just use it as a way to blow off some steam....

Random thought : why is it that it's okay say we had it coming with this terrorist attack, because of our oppresive policies or whatever, but yet it's not okay for Jerry Falwell to say that we had it coming because of our lack of morals? Seems pretty much the same thing to me.

Along those same lines, why is it that to be a respected intellectual you have to hate your own country in the West?

Seriously, what the fuck, I mean all these "intellectuals" have been using the terrorist attack to make a big fuss about how our foreign policy is to blame for all this,especially Bush's, and they like bring up like the Kyoto Accords and Missile
Defense. And that perhaps he (we) will rethink our actions in these arenas because
of these attacks... Ok, do you really think that this terrorists really give a shit about the fucking Kyoto Accords? The only people who care about that are in the West, the people in the rest of the world hardly think about it, especially not members of Bin Laden's group.

Ok, another thing that has really been pissing me off is people using the terrorist
attacks in order to assault religion. This has taken many forms, but one of the main
things have been why could have God allowed this to happen? Now, I'm not going
to get into a discussion over whether he exists or not. But this whole where is God in disaster is wearing thin on me. Ok, first off, if God fixed every little evil that
humans did onto themselves, what would be the point of living? Seriously if God
made all the decisions for you, you wouldn't really be much of anything. You
wouldn't have any freedom whatsoever. God would likely let people a lot of times
take the test of life where they have to make the decision whether they are on the side of good or side of evil. Ok, you might say that's all fine and good, but what about all these innocent people who were killed? Well, if there's an afterlife that stretches into eternity, wouldn't that make losing your life not so terrible? If God was supposed to stop all evil, why would there be a ten commandments, if he was supposed to stop all evil?? Obviously he gives humans free will to do good or evil. Otherwise there would be little point to life. Again don't reply with saying God doesn't exist or whatever, that is not the point in what I just said.

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